Repair and Maintenance
of Dialysis Machines

Our certified and experienced biomedical technicians specialize in operating dialysis machines, providing services ranging from installation and calibration to testing, inspection and preventative maintenance. We offer a complete range of repair and maintenance services for dialysis machines and their auxiliary equipment, serving clinics, hospitals and various health institutions.

Maintenance of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our services include maintenance of reverse osmosis systems to ensure patient safety and compliance, ranging from distribution loop disinfections and microbiological testing to compliance with Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation standards ( TO AMI). We ensure water systems operate efficiently and safely, reducing risks through preventative maintenance, including culture and endotoxin testing.

Our Services

Our commitment to enabling peak performance extends to everything we do:

Your Repair & Maintenance Partner

Our professional biomedical technicians will respond to your requests for service on time. We will ensure your equipment are working properly and functioning precisely.  We will also unburden your biomedical department with the regulatory compliance.