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What We Do

At Hemobiomed, we are dedicated to providing specialized services in the repair and maintenance of hemodialysis machines. Our team of highly trained technicians focuses on ensuring the optimal and safe operation of the equipment, providing comprehensive solutions for the care of patients undergoing dialysis treatment. Our mission is to offer high quality services, focused on continuous process improvement and excellence in technical support for biomedical equipment.


At Hemobiomed, our vision is to become recognized leaders in the field of dialysis equipment repair and maintenance, being the first choice for clinics, hospitals and healthcare centers looking for a reliable and patient-centered service. We aspire to continue to innovate and continually improve our services to significantly contribute to the quality of health care and the well-being of patients undergoing dialysis treatment.


Our mission at Hemobiomed is to provide specialized services in the repair and maintenance of hemodialysis machines, with an unwavering focus on patient safety and well-being. We are committed to offering high-quality, comprehensive solutions, backed by the technical excellence of our team, to ensure optimal functioning of dialysis equipment and, ultimately, improve the lives of patients who depend on them.

Your Repair & Maintenance Partner

Our professional biomedical technicians will respond to your requests for service on time. We will ensure your equipment are working properly and functioning precisely.  We will also unburden your biomedical department with the regulatory compliance.